Hiiii. I'm Alejandra. I'm 21 and I recently graduated in Social Communication and Journalism. In the middle of the anxiety and stress of looking for a job, I've considered starting many projects -solo and with friends-, and I thought, 'Alejandra you do remember you had started a blog once upon a time, don't you? What if you go back to that? Seeing as you have lots of time for it now'. So that's what I'm doing.

I LOVE reading. It's an addiction I actually have to thank my twitter friends for, because back in 2012 I read my first book in English, The Fault in Our Stars and that's when it began, really.

I enjoy reading YA books the most, in all of its variety: Dystopian, romance, fantasy, paranormal. I read New Adult too and, I won't say no to some erotica here and there.

I'm no expert by any means so you'll find thoughts and opinions of a 21 year old woman about the books she reads. I can't believe I finally got around to creating this blog. I'm nervous and scared but excited too. Of people not reading what I write and of people reading what I write. I'm crazy, right? Anyway, if you ever want to talk to me you can find me on Twitter @alesmusings.  or my email address: littlegiraffe8@gmail.com



None of the resources used are mine. To create the images on the feature "Words to Live By" I use photographs from unsplash.com and textures that can be found here

The vectors used in banners are not mine, I wish I could make stuff that pretty. I have been trying to find the website where I got that swirl from but I haven't had success. I haven't given up though. The "Chatty Ale" can be found here

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