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Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead

Hi! Long time no see. It's been ages since the last time I wrote a review so here I am. 

I had been putting off this saga for a long time. The last book I read was The Indigo Spell and that was back in June, 2013. OMG. I said: 'I'm not reading the rest until the final book comes out'. And that day has come. But let's not get ahead of ourselves because I haven't even started The Ruby Circle. Today, we are talking about Silver Shadows by American author, Richelle Mead.  
So something very VERY major hapenned in the end of The Fiery Heart -what a cliffhanger-, and this book picks up on that event. We get to see Adrian and Sydney's internal fight to keep fighting for what they believe in and struggle to.... you know. If you've read the book you know. *whistles and walks away*

My Musings: Sydney is a fighter, really. That's what this book proves. She is locked away in solitude and it doesn't matter how hard the punishment is, she won't lose sight of who she KNOWS she is. And in my opinion that is something very important, yes I know it's fiction but this can happen in real life too. Pressure can make us forget who we are. 

Back to the book blogging thing.... Adrian had his moments. Sometimes I wanted to envelop him in my arms and tell him things were going to be okay, even if I had no idea. And then other times I wanted to slap him because HOW COME SYDNEY IS BASICALLY KIDNAPPED AND HE'S THE ONE DRINKING HIMSELF STUPID?! Also there was this really funny part when he was with Nina and Sonya and Nina stares at him and says:

(Adrian POV) 
"Falling in love with someone can make you do things the love of a relative can't". 
I studied her more closely and realized she was shivering.
'Good god' ashamed of my own obliviousness. 'You must be freezing'". 

She is in love with you for God's sake, Adrian and that's what you notice!? Oh man. 

THE SOLUTION HE COMES UP WITH THOUGH. GUYS, GUYS!!! I didn't even think that was an option for them. But it happened and *heart eyes emoji* Adrian is so cute with Sydney, like we mostly saw him as a player but now that he's with her and he's in love I just ahhhhhhhhhhh. Btw, who do you picture as Adrian when you read these books?! Let me know in the comments! :)

I really enjoy Mead's writing, because it makes me imagine every single thing the characters are doing and I think that's very important especially in bits such as the final part of the book where people are being chased by other people. In general I really liked this book. I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads but I wanted to give it 4.5! It's well paced and like I said, the descriptions play a very important role. Now onto The Ruby Circle! I'll be back next time with its review. 


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