viernes, 24 de julio de 2015

Today I want to talk about something that bothers me quite a lot when it comes to books or fanfiction. Stories, in general, then. So you're reading, right? 

And you're reaching the end of the book and the characters are finally finding their happily ever after, and you are swooning and squeeing and thinking "Yes! omg, my babies"

And then boom, it's over, you sigh in a content, although nostalgic way. You know, you have to say goodbye to the "people" you grew to love. 

Then, you turn around the page and what do you see?! It isn't over just yet! 

YES! OMGMGMGMGM this is my reaction:

That lasts like two seconds, because then you see this: 


That is the thing that pisses me off when it comes about books. Why would you, as an author, do something like that!?!? Basically, I hate time gaps in stories. Especially when it happens on epilogues, because the 90% of the time the characters have already gotten married and had children, and those moments are not told in this final part of the book. I can't help but feel so robbed. I always do. I am a romantic, -even though I don't want people to know-, I want all those cute moments, I live through them! 

Am I the only one who gets annoyed by time gaps in epilogues? Am I being too ridiculous? Would love to read your opinions in the comments! :)

2 comentarios:

  1. I know what you're talking about.
    For me, the whole "huge time gap" between the actual story and the epilogue bothers me too.
    Mostly because if it's many years later it makes me sad because I don't want to see my beautiful characters all "old".
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

  2. I have only ever really been okay with the "time has passed" kind of epilogue in one instance, and that was CHAMPION by Marie Lu. It fitted the story perfectly because of events that happened in the book, and Lu also wrote in a really beautiful way.

    But most of the time, I'm just more like: what happened in that time, though? And if it's specifically related to romance: did they DATE OTHER PEOPLE IN THAT TIME? I am definitely not a general fan of the skippy epilogues, because I think they often gloss over important confrontations and resolutions that needed to take place in the actual story, and instead those are skipped and everything ties together nicely because it's the future, and we're supposed to have forgotten about the "little things" that happened during the book. SIGH.

    Lovely post, dear! <3