miércoles, 29 de julio de 2015

Hola! Welcome to my blog. Every Wednesday I bring you a feature called "Words To Live By" where I share a quote that I am "feeling" at the moment. This week's Words to Live By are SO looooooovely!  

What is it with me always making you read long quotes?! Sorry, not sorry. But I was going through my favorite ones and I found this one, I read it and went OHMYGODDDD. This is the one, so f***ing fitting. 

See here's the thing, lately I have been feeling very tired, of the world in general. You watch the news and they only show bad things and people (in general) are disgusting and there are few exceptions, compared to the shitty ones, who make up the world. But reading this quote inspires me to at least try to be a better person, because I would not want to be surrounded by someone who is tired, sick of the world. I would want to be with someone positive, someone who's able to smile, who still has some sort of hope that things are going to get better somehow. This is why this quote is so important to me right now. 

What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do? Any words of encouragement for yours truly? Always love to read your comments! See you on Friday.

2 comentarios:

  1. As always, the quote you have chosen is super lovely! And incredibly thought provoking. I spend a lot of time by myself, probably more so than other people, because I both like it that way, and I am incredibly introverted (would the blogosphere believe that, with my constant CAPS and flailing? I wonder, HAHA).

    I love that it brings into question the fact of viewing yourself OUTSIDE of yourself, and wondering if you were a stranger or a friend .. would you like yourself? Would you want to spend time with yourself?

    I, too, get very sick of the world, but I also embrace what good I see in it. I have my down days, as everyone does, but I am never against letting it all go and laughing and having fun.

    I'm glad this quote spoke to you, those are definitely the best ones <3

  2. Ah, yeah, the world is such a mess lately. :( I'm trying to be positive about a lot of it and hope for the best, but some days are worse than others. For me, music helps a TON. I also adore empowering quotes that give me a bit of a boost. I love this one, though. Very well chosen. :)