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By Any Other Name by J.M Darhower

Title: By Any Other Name
Author: J.M. Darhower
Published: February 23rd, 2015.

Genna is the daughter of Primo Galante, boss of an important crime family, she is constantly getting in trouble and is used to having her father fix the messes she creates, basically she has been raised to be a daddy's girl. Matty is son of Roberto Barsanti, boss of the Barsanti family, another important crime one. What is really interesting about him is that he wants nothing to do with his family's bussiness, which creates a permanent tension between Matty and his father. Things change when Genna and Matty meet and realize the two of them belong to families that have declared a war over a decade and they must decide if their allegiances lie with their families or with the person they have fallen in love with. 

My Musings 

I just read that last sentence I wrote and it sounds VERY dramatic. But that's because the story is actually filled with drama. We sense a Romeo and Juliet vibe from the moment it says there is rivalry between two families, and it is not said lightly. Lives have been lost because of the thirst of power both bosses have. Just by reading the prologue you are sold on this story. It is just one of those moments when you can't stop thinking 'OMG, is this happening?!' And you obviously can't stop reading. 

Matty is *breathes deeply* he.has.tattoos.all.over.his.arms, according to Genna he is very attractive and he is such a flirt but most importantly he is extremely caring. I must admit at first I thought he was just another asshole but from the beginning he was very concerned about Genna and his mother. His mom's nickname is 'Sugar Cube' for crying out loud, if that hasn't sold you yet well then... I don't know. 

Genna is bit more complicated to describe because we don't really get much from her other than the fact that she is head over heels over Matty. We don't know if she went to high school or college or if she had friends but maybe that just wasn't important to the story Jessica wanted to tell. At first she can come off as spoiled but as things complicate you see that she cares for her family and has a really hard time having to put in different sides of the scale her family and Matty. I enjoyed a lot the interaction between Genna and her brother Dante, he is funny and since she is his only sister he cares deeply for her. I particularly loved the part where he was taking her to the community center for her last day of work there. 

I have read pretty much all of Darhower's work and I can say she does not play with her stories. I have cried, laughed and wanted to throw her books far away, but most of all I have gasped and opened my eyes wider, without being able to stop reading. I look forward to reading her acknowledgments, that's how much I enjoy reading her books. Also can we talk about how amazing it is that Jessica wrote this book in a month?! Ohmygod. True talent with words right there. 

If you want angst, love, some sex, a lot of drama, a HUGE cliffhanger, and most of all if you want to feel what the characters are going through, if you want to sympathize with them and their emotions, -all in a very well written way-, this is a book for you. 4,5 out of 5 stars. Great, job. Khar! :) 

Have you read By Any Other Name? What did you think? If not, are you planning on reading it?! Tell me all your thoughts! Until next time! <3

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  1. Omgg you're making me want to give this a second chance

    1. Omg what do you mean?! You didn't finish it? Whyy?

  2. agreed with everything you said. Matt is just so hot and she sure does know how to make her men swoony. Loved the book and cannot wait for the next one with that ending!

    1. VANEEEEEEEEEE. akjsdbajksdba words cannot express the excitement I felt when I saw an email telling me you'd commented on my blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

      What is it with Khar writing these amazing characters!? Like kind, considerate men with tattoos and expensive cars, she's ruining us!!!

      This book was just another rollercoaster of hers, and yepp definitely can't wait for the next one, although we have to be very patient because I read a Facebook post of hers where she said she's struggling with the sequel so she's going to do something else as to not force the book. </3

      Thank you once again for commenting, my crush!! :)