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Top Ten Characters You'd Like To Check In With

This is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Today I am sharing with you a top 10 of the characters I'd like -more like LOVE- to check in with. I'm so excited for this one so let's just get to it.

I must admit I kinda cheated here cause some of the characters I chose are actually couples but I just couldn't leave their significant other aside, now could I?

Note: None of these images are mine, by hovering over each image you will see its source. (Cant seem to get it to link to each source, I'm a fail)

Juliette and Warner (Shatter Me series), one of my favorite series ever. And Warner, I have such a crush on that guy. So yes, of course I'd love to see what they are up to now.

Tana (The Coldest Girl in Coldtown), I loved this character a lot and I would love to see what happened to her and what's life been like for her now after everything.

Adrian and Sydney (Bloodlines series), I just can't let go these two. After the epilogue of The Ruby Circle? Nope, I want more of them of their lives, their future.

Carmine and Haven (Forever series), I want anything the author of this books wants to gives us. I honestly love it soooooo much. I wanna know more about their lives, I want angst, I want more bits of them as parents.

Karou and Akiva (Daughter Of Smoke and Bone series), these two. Sigh. Talk about ever lasting love. They had to go through so much and I want mooooooore. Where's the fanfiction, damn it. </3

Rose and Dimitri (Vampire Academy & Bloodlines series), I love Rose Hathaway. SO.MUCH. One of my favorite characters, Isn't afraid to kickass and fight for the ones she cares about. On top of that she is in love with Dimitri Belikov and judging by the epilogue of The Ruby Circle well I WANT MORE. Wonder what happened to them, sigh.

Blue Sargent (The Raven Cycle),  I am aware of the fact that there's still one book left but I want moooooooore. More Gansey, Adam, Ronan, Noah. Waiting and dreading the moment the final book comes out.

Lisbeth Salander (Millenium series), I miss her so much. Every time I think of these books I cry a little bit on the inside because the story had so much potential and Larsson, it author, died of a heart attack without finishing the series, so it was far from over. I want to check up on Lisbeth see what she's been learning, what places she's been visiting and, sighs, if she's been thinking of Mikael Blomkvist.

Violet Markey (All The Bright Places), she is one of those characters I want to hold, hug and be best friends with. I want to know how she's doing in college, if she's still updating her website, if she's making new friends who are giving her all the love she deserves. Oh god, I want to cry again.

These are the *10* (not really) characters I would LOVE to check in with. Tell me do you agree with some of these? Would you add more? Link me to your top ten! Thank you for reading and until next time <3 

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  1. Omg yessss Juliette and Warner and Adrian *Sydney can go* and of course rose and Dmitri!

    1. Juliette and Warner!!! I think he is my biggest fictional crush. Why don't you like Sydney omgggggg :O And Rose and Dimitri ughhhhhhh sad bc we probably wont get to see them in another movie

  2. I would love to see what Juliette and Warner are up to nowadays after that totally badass conclusion to the Shatter Me series! I hope they're living happily ever after, to be honest.

    EEP. I need to finish the Bloodlines series! I've only read the first three. And I really liked them, too. Maybe I need a binge read?

    I definitely need more The Raven Cycle. I cannot believe that it is finishing in September. NO, PLEASE NO.

    1. Yesss more Juliette and Warner, please! Not enough of them FINALLY happily together. :(

      You have to finish the Bloodlines series, Chiara! They're great.

      About TRC, I'm in denial mode, to be honest.

      Thank you for stopping by! :)

  3. OMG YES. I need to know what's up with Juliette and Warner. Dammit, that ending left much to be desired.

    Oh I'd love to know where Sydrian are at. I see lots of kiddies, but maybe that's just me haha

  4. Let's not talk about Juliette and Warner, sigh. That ending was SO RUSHED. :(((( We could've had it allllllll. Sydrian, on the other hand, <333 that epilogue was so perfect. And yes! I see kids everywhere, Adrian as a dad. OH GOD. I'm going to eat my feelings. Thank you sooo much for stopping by, Jess! I'd forgotten to reply to these, ugh. I'm the worst.