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The 16 Questions Game: The Selection Edition

I can't believe this post it's finally seeing the light. Just kidding, omg. But it is a joke between me and Nat because we have taken such a long time to make it. A few months ago, Natalie asked if anyone wanted to buddy read with her, and I was one the people who said I do. Then we chose The Selection, as in just the first book and we both flew through it, so we decided to buddy read The Elite and The One too, those had been the books from the saga that were out by that time. 

We also didn't want to make a normal review so we came up with this, our version of the 20 Questions Game. Each of us is replying 8 questions we came up with, so without further ado, here are the questions I am replying to. Eeeep!

*This post may contain spoilers so you have been warned.

In your opinion, who would have been good for Prince Maxon? (Besides from America) The thing is, we saw the other contestants through a "tainted" perspective: America's. So I don't really know them? But I'd say Kriss because it seemed as if they genuinely liked each other. 

Major OMG moment you can think of? The last two pages of the book, when Maxon proposes to America. It's as if they are finally in the same page, for lack of a better word. After all the immaturity on their part and a critical experience, they admit their feelings and Maxon proposes and OHGOD IT'S TOO MUCH. That's my OMG moment. 

Favorite cover of the three books? Even this question is hard, OH GOD. I think I'm voting for The Selection, because the dress is blue and my favorite color is blue and that shade is gorgeous and the design of the dress is stunning. 

What did you think of America's character development, from The Selection to The One? I feel like there wasn't much to be honest because in my opinion she was always very immature and indecisive, maybe towards the last book, The One she finally knew what she wanted so...?

What are your thoughts on the world building of this saga? I feel like the whole rebels against the current government and Illéa's diary from the past had so much potential to be something more, but it seems like the main focus of the story was the selection of suitable candidate for Maxon, so that is my main complain. Why put the rebel thing if it wasn't going to play an important part? BUT! Kiera Cass is still writing books so.... maybe I'll shut up. 

Which of the scenes in the bunker was your favourite? Duuhhhhh, the one in The Elite where America and Maxon end up hiding from rebels together. A huge thing is revealed in that moment and asdkasdkjansdkjna, I'm just trying not to spoil too much. 

Who would be the perfect casting for America in The Selection movie? I was about to say Holland Roden, from Teen Wolf but then I found Jane Levy and I think she is p e r f e c t. I mean look at her: 

If you could take one character from any other book that you've read and replace Aspen in the love triangle -who would you choose? Chaol from the Throne of Glass series. OHMYGOD could you imagine?! He is so mature and mysterious, I wonder how their relationship must have been like. Hmmmm.

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  1. Jane Levy looks so much like Emma Stone it's unbelievable! (Emma Stone would've been my ideal casting but she'd look to old for American so Jane Levy is PERFECT).

    1. RIGHT?! I remembered her from that tv show and I just knew she would be perfect. Looooved doing this, Nat! <3