domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

The Creative Blogger Award!

As you all know, I am back from the break I took. And I remembered I had been tagged by some of my fellow bloggers. And I particularly like this one, because it's a chance to show more about myself. 

First of all, thank you Jay for the nomination. You are too nice! I have linked her blog incase you want to check it out because it is pretty awesome. 

The Rules: 

- Post a link to the person who nominated you and thank them. 
- Share 5 facts about yourself. 
- Nominate 10 other blogs and give links. 
- Contact your nominees to inform them of their nomination. 
- Provide the rules to your nominees. 


1. My family owns four cats. Yes, that's right. And most of the time they drive me crazy. I have this love and hate relationship with them. Let's introduce them... 

                                                   Minina.                                 This is our lil beast.Pancho.   
                                              Been with us for three years now.       Comes and goes as he pleases.

                                                    Fito.                                    Manchitas.
            He's the youngest and chillest of them all.        Been here a couple of months. 
                                                                                                He's the devil.

2. I have one brother, who's younger than me by three years. We have a very close relationship and I would say he is one of the few people who I feel like I can be myself with. Crude jokes and all. 

3. My internet life started in the Twilight fandom back in 2010, but more than Twilight, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. First ship. Then I became a One Direction fan in 2012 and my life changed *angels singing*. In February of this year I decided to become a book blogger and in May (I think?) I became a Halsey fan. #WILDlife

4. Back when I was in elementary school I wanted to be a teacher. For the life of me I can't imagine being one now. My patience is basically non existent. I can imagine myself being a professor though. Hmmm.

5. I LOVE The Office. Favorite TV show ever. 

I nominate:

Lysia -  Literatuesque 
Olivia - Fluttering Pages
Eduardo - Booming Books

And that's it. Can't wait to read your five facts! :)

3 comentarios:

  1. What I find hilarious is that I wanted to be a teacher as a kid, too! I remember absolutely LOVING the idea of teaching to a classroom when I was in first or second grade. I used to read to my classmates during story time and I loved that. Now, though? No way. Teachers get pretty crap benefits. I'd rather be a professor, but even then...I'm not sure I'd want to spend hours and hours grading things.

  2. Ah, thank you for the nomination, lovely! I shall try to get to this ASAP (I am quite terrible at filling this things in XD)

    I love your cats! They are so adorable. *hugs them through the internet*

    I have a brother who is three years older than me, so we kind of twin with our brothers? XD

    My internet life started out on Tumblr, where I just posted pictures of things I thought were pretty, and sometimes my own writing. And then I discovered book blogging!

    I wanted to be a vet when I was a kid, and a writer. Being a vet didn't happen, but I really hope being a writer does *prays*

    Merlin is my favourite TV show ever! PLEASE watch it if you haven't already <3

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination!
    I have a brother who is younger than me by three years and we're super close, too!
    I just recently discovered Halsey and I LOVE her music! It's not normally what I listen to, but I really like it.
    Your cats are so cute! <3
    Can't wait to do this - thanks so much!
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages