miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2015

Hello. The Words to Live By are back!  It's been five days since Halsey's debut album "Badlands" came out and I am still obsessed with it. Sorry, not sorry. So I obviously have to share a quote out of the album because I think this is the first time I find that I can actually relate to a song. I listen to some of the songs of this album and I think "Get out of my head, Ashley!! How dare you". So here are this week's Words to Live By brought to you by the genius artist, Halsey.  

You can listen to it here

There's something about this song, that makes me feel as if it was my own, you know? Especifically that second paragraph I put in the image. Sharing this feels too personal, ahhh! It's as if you guys can look into my current state of mind. I know I tend to post happy quotes on this feature but just bear with me for now please. Tell me, what do you think of this quote? Of the song? Of Badlands? 
See you next week! :)

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  1. LOVE seeing so much Halsey everywhere! I absolutely love Gasoline. There's so much emotion in that song and it kills me every time I listen to it. Awesome choice!