miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2015

Hello pals! How are y'all doing? We find ourselves in the middle of the week and that, in this blog, means that it's time for the Words to Live By of the week. This week's are so fitting to this blog, where I talk about books. I read it and I found that I could relate to it on a spiritual level. And I know you guys will too! 

I am obsessed with this quote read because I can explore other worlds, I can get to know other "people". I read because sometimes the world we live in can be too much and an escape becomes almost a necessity. I love knowing I can get lost in someone else's words, in someone else's perceptions of the world. 

What do you think of this quote? What have you been up to? Let me know! Until next time.


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  1. YESSS!! These are definitely words to live by! We can all relate to this I guess, us readers definitely escape our sucky reality to delve into different worlds and lives. Love this♥

    Jumana @ Books by Jay